Teaching follows the IDTA Ballet syllabus. Not only is this one of the most graceful forms of dance there are, but classical ballet also forms a very stong base for all other subjects. We strive to develop a strong understanding of correct technique and help pupils to attain maximum levels of achievement. F


We first introduce tap to the younger children as a form of creativity and fun, where they begin to develop percussive sounds and rhythms. The IDTA tap syllabus classes then begin to work on basic tap technique, teaching weight placement, correct alignment, tonal quality and clarity of beating. The basic technique is then developed into the higher grades, teaching more intricate footwork and amalgamations. We suggest that tap is learnt alongside ballet or modern, to help with strength, weight placement and alignment.

Theatre Craft

A dance form for theatrical performance, preparing the body physically through exercise and stimulating artistic ability through dance movement, improvisation and interpretation of music. The use of hand props, make up and much more - it provides all the 'must have' qualities for today's amateur and professional dancer.


Modern Jazz is fun. You will learn to develop many different movements reaching to a broad choice of varying rhythms and musical styles. Classes are structured to begin to prepare the physical strength and flexibility required to demonstrate emotion through interpretation of any musical genre. You may explore contrast between expansion and relaxation or learn to isolate in a slick stylish mood.

Street Dance

Street Dance is an upbeat, up to date modern style of jazz, it is not musical theatre based like other jazz styles but more like the styles you see in all the current music videos. It is danced to current chart music, including light hip - hop. Think more along the lines of, Janet Jackson, Britney and Justin! The Street dance class for children aged 5 years and over is a combination of Street/hip-hop & body popping. It's the perfect class for young boys with lots of energy! It teaches a variety of styles, incorporating movements that are learnt during the lesson into funky dance routines that are danced to all the latest tunes! Students are also encouraged to express themselves through improvisation by free styling and are taught basic acrobatic moves such as hand stands and cartwheels etc.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre  is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance.The children will learn lots of songs and acting pieces from various musicals and film